Thursday, February 25, 2010

Lab 2- Olympic Shape Tage

This week at St. Mary's was amazing!!It was Olympic theme week and I was working with the Pre-K group. We read a book, sung the alligator song and made GOLD medals for all the students to wear. My game was called Olympic Shape Tag and the kids had a blast playing it. This tag game allowed me to incorporate some non-locor motor skills for the kids to perform like, bending, balancing on one foot, and twisting. I was also able to keep the Olympics theme for this game by having them for example bend like an ice skater and balance on one foot. This was challenging for all the kids but they really seemed to enjoy it. We also got a chance to observe two kindergarten kids at the beginning of the lab, that allowed us to look at three locomotor skills (running, galloping, and hoping). This lab went very well and I'm very excited to go back to St. Mary's for Lab #3!!

St. Mary's-GO FOR THE GOLD!!!

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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Dodge Ball in PE

I believe every student at some point should be able to experience dodge ball. While there is much debate over the game because many believe it does not give the students enough physical activity and it is dangerous. I would try and use dodge ball in the classroom but change a few things around. First there would be three cones on either baseline with balls in the top, in order for a team to win the game those balls need to be knocked off. When a student got out they would go to a designated zone for their team and perform a set of exercises like sit ups, jumping jacks, or walking a low beam without falling off. When the student finished these exercises they are able to enter back into the game to help their teammates. This game would use NYS learning standards: 1A, 2b and NASPE standards: 2 and 6.